We help small business improve revenue in off-peak hours

Table Reservation with Discounts Derlivery
Manage business in a scientific way

Table Reservation with Discounts

There is always busy/non-busy season, peak/non-peak hours. Certain industry such as travel and hospitality have applied dynamic pricing according to different time windows. Now we want to provide something similar to your business as to help optimize your profit.

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Full Stack of Statistics

Data analysis from various perspective help you better understand your sales

Dynamic Pricing

Set up special promotion/offers anytime for any period/time slots based on data analysis

Loyalty Management

Create note/tags for customers, tracking & analyzing customer behaviors, and use incentives to motivate customers

50+ Orders in One Delivery Everyday

We have helped hundreds of restaurants to reach 100k+ families, which boosts the average sales by at least 30% (some even multiple times)

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Low cost way to expand your business coverage and reach ten times more new customers through our app.
50+ Orders everyday to fixed pick-up locations, minimize your delivery cost and time
Orders are sent to you one day before delivery, fully utilize off peak hours for preparation
Direct communication with customers which helps to improve both branding & marketing as well as customer service

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